Thursday, April 19, 2007

Not what I expected

I've been reading instructions and planning a sweater for myself. I've pretty much decided on the Weekend Sweater from Spun Out #46, and I picked Peace Fleece DK in Kamchatka Seamoss for my yarn.

The picture on the left is from Peace Fleece's web site; the pic on the right is what I received. Now, I know that colors show up differently depending on monitor settings, video card, etc., and I don't know how things look on your screen, but to me the yarn I received looks darker and greener that the sample shown on the web site. It's not a big color difference, but rather than a greenish bluish aquamarine-type color, it's definitely mostly green. And I don't really want a green sweater. *sigh* One of the downsides of ordering yarn online. I'll probably put this in my eBay store and start looking some more. Schoolhouse Press' Canadian Regal sure has some nice colors. I'm thinking about going with grape, or maybe dark gray. Maybe this time, tho', I should get a color card first.



At 8:03 AM, Anonymous Elizabeth Durand said...

Carol, that's strange! The Sea Moss I've ordered in the past really does look just like the picture on the left. Call them? They've always been really nice to me.


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