Saturday, April 14, 2007

Understanding begins to dawn

I've been working on the Baby Surprise Jacket, and I'm beginning to see how this comes together. Not understanding everything yet, but just beginning to get a glimmer.

Here is the odd-looking thing as it hangs off the needles (recently switched to circs; it was really getting much to big for the 14" straights I was using):

Look at it another way, and -- hey! This looks like it could actually be something someday!

As impressed as I am, though, about the way this jacket is constructed, I'm not finding it as easy to knit as others seem to. I have to carefully check and count on each right side row to make sure I'm doing the decreases and increases in the right place. Once I had to rip back several rows because one set of increases got off-course somehow. I've marked the appropriate stitches, but since they are at an angle, rather than straight down from the needle, I have to stop and peer closely as I near each one to make sure I'm staying on track. It is seriously slowing me down, but dang! This jacket is cute.

Today is my turn to twiddle my thumbs @ work, so I am fortified with knitting and reading material. This is my travel/kill time @ work sock. This one's for me; it's Trekking XXL in colorway 92; something to go with the ubiquitous khakis I wear for work. Rather appropriate, I think, that I'm knitting a sock for work at work. I think I'll go find some coffee now, then get back to work on my sock.

Happy Saturday, everybody!

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At 7:25 PM, Blogger AlisonH said...

I've seen finished ones, but I'd never seen one in progress before. Thank you for that! Now I have some clue of what-all people have been talking about with that pattern.


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