Thursday, May 03, 2007

Magic 28 - Pair #1

I recently joined the Magic 28 web ring, with the goal of knitting 28 pairs of socks for charity. The socks I finished up on Sunday are pair #1; I'll give you another look at them:

My usual sock pattern, made with Knit Picks' WotA, plus some tapestry wool for contrast. Both yarns were generously given to me by other knitters. Added a little wooly nylon at the toe for longer wear. As mentioned earlier, this pair will be heading off to Afghanistan.

Now I'm sorting through the HUGE pile of yarn given to me by another CIC knitter, and planning what to make next. With all the little skeins of tapestry yarn, something striped seems likely.

We're getting lots and lots of fairly gentle rain, which is good for my garden, but unfortunately, also good (too good) for the lawn. The rain started Tuesday evening while we were mowing the lawn. We managed to get the front lawn done, but had to give up before starting the back yard. I swear, you could practically see the grass getting higher as the rain fell. It rained Tuesday night and all day Wednesday. It's raining intermittently today, and the rain is supposed to end sometime on Friday. By the time it's over, I'm going to need a machete to hack a path to the shed where the mower is stored. I think one of our neighbors has a goat; maybe I should borrow him for a while. A goat can mow even when the grass is wet; yet another example of the superiority of nature over technology! ;)

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