Saturday, May 26, 2007

My first mitten

A mitten challenge has been issued and I needed a small project to occupy me while waiting for my Knit Picks needles to arrive, so I decided to give mittens a try. Here's my very first attempt, made from tapestry wool. I borrowed from a few different patterns and used EZ's thumb trick. Sure goes fast! 32 stitches around and 5 stitches per inch, my books tell me it should fit a 6-8 year old. Looks a little wonky right now; I'm hoping that blocking will improve that. I plan to try doing a thumb gusset on the next pair (after completing this one's mate, natch). Since that one mitten took less than one 25-yard skein, I'm thinking this will be a good way to use some of the boatload of tapestry wool I got a while back.

My Knit Picks order arrived today; I can hardly wait to try out my new circular needle! The cable seems remarkably flexible. I was disappointed, tho', when I took a look at the Telemark color card I ordered. My interest is in one of the new heathered colors, and they didn't include the new colors in the card! What a letdown. I'm almost finished with my Lopi vest and champing at the bit to start a sweater. I was really hoping to place an order this weekend. Damn. I tried calling them to find out if I could get samples of the new colors, but they're closed until Tuesday. Double damn.

On the plus side, I also ordered a Spinnaker color card. My bathmat is disgracefully tattered, and the idea of shopping for a new one bores me to tears. Knitting one sounds like so much more fun. Coastline is exactly the shade of blue I need. And, the yarn's on sale. Woohoo!

I should be working this weekend, but my boss decided we all get to take the weekend off. I'm especially glad because the b/f and I have been planning to make this a Pirates weekend. Last night we re-watched Curse of the Black Pearl; tonight Dead Man's Chest is scheduled. And tomorrow, we go see my beloved At World's End. Swoon.

The sun is playing hide-and-seek today. We got a little rain earlier, probably more on the way. I could do a little work in the garden, but I'm thinking Yitzhak has the right idea:

I'm going to take a nap.

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At 4:59 PM, Blogger Anami Love said...

Great first mitten, Carol! They get to be almost as addictive as socks and the BSJ!



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