Saturday, May 19, 2007


I finally got around to sewing up the seams and adding the buttons, so the BSJ now qualifies as an FO! Before sewing on the buttons I weighed it so I could figure out how much yarn I used. It weighs in at 153 g, which is about 337 yards of Cascade 220. I put in the stripes because I was afraid that 2 skeins of blue wouldn't be enough. Now I know that 2 skeins would have been plenty, but I'm glad I did the stripes anyway, since I like the way they look.

  • Baby Surprise Jacket
  • Cascade 220 - Blue Boy (I think, lost the band) and Tweed #9440, about 337 yards total
  • 5 stitches per inch in garter stitch on US6 needles
Finished measurements:

  • Cuff to cuff = 19"
  • Chest = 9" across
  • Hem = 10.25" across
It is now my considered opinion that all knitters should make the BSJ, at least once. The pattern is available here (it's number 1B), for a measly 3 bucks. If you don't have a baby to knit for, knit it for charity! Watching this piece of knitted origami form on the needles is fascinating, not to mention instructive. I had no idea it was possible to make knitting bend and fold like that. I definitely plan to knit it again, while I ponder ways to use these magical skills elsewhere.

Here is the BSJ again, with the matching hat that my coworkers insisted I make, as well as a pair of socks that will be joining them in the package for Afghans for Afghans. Everything was exclaimed over by my coworkers in a most satisfying way.

I've been working away on my Lopi vest, and I'm fretting about the gauge. Now it looks like I'm getting about 5 stitches per inch, instead of 4.5. Which would make it totally too small. But I think my gauge swatch grew when I washed it (is that possible? did I dream it?). So I keep knitting, while wondering if I should just rip the whole thing and start over. Except, Lopi doesn't seem to rip too well; it really likes to stick together. If I had any fingernails, I'd be biting them.

To ease my tension (wasn't knitting supposed to do that for me?), I spent some quality time with the b/f's father's cat, Peter:

Look, Pete, it's a mousie...

Got it!

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At 6:35 PM, Blogger Annie said...

Oh, look at that Baby Surprise! I love those jackets. Nice work!

At 9:29 PM, Blogger Jakki said...

One of my goals for the summer is to knit my first BSJ. They look so interesting!

At 5:54 PM, Blogger knititch said...

i like you compare with origami. it is lovely indeed. and knitting it for a charity is a great idea. we don't use this thing much in denmark.... pay cash???? and having known so many afghans in my life i think the shape/model is just so good.


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