Monday, May 21, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me

My birthday was two months ago, but I just got around to spending the b-day check from my parents. Such decisions are very important, and require careful consideration. I split the money between the garden and knitting; a nice new watering can, a cheery yellow (and durable) "trug" for mixing and toting (no more desintegrating buckets for me!), and two EZ books: Knitting Around and Knitting Workshop. I have $14 left to spend, and I'm thinking that some nice sock yarn is in order. Thanks, Mom and Dad!

I couldn't stand the suspense anymore, so on Sunday I took my Lopi vest off the needles and tried it on. It fits great, even though my gauge is off and it's narrower than it should be. But who cares what the measuring tape says, it fits great, so I've been knitting merrily. I even took the lifeline out (had to, to try it on; it was too tight to go over my shoulders). I finished the front, and there isn't much left of the back to do. I realized last night that I don't have 16" circs in size 4 to do the neck and armholes. Since chances aren't good of finding them locally, I decided to try Knit Picks' Options needles. Placed the order last night; hope they get here soon, 'cause I'll be needing them!
Knit Picks has added some heather colors to their Telemark line, and the Charcoal looks like a nice candidate for the sweater I'd like to make next. Since I don't want a repeat of the Sea Moss incident, I ordered a color card. Of course, then I'll have to look at 4 inches of yarn and try to imagine what a whole sweater will look like. Oh well, no one said this was rocket science.
Now, I'm off to shop for sock yarn; decisions, decisions...


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