Saturday, June 30, 2007

FO, fresh produce, chair-stealing cats...

Several items today to report on today:

1. Mittnz #4 complete! I used Regia 6 Crazy Colors and Elizabeth's pattern (the larger size). Since this is a sport-weight yarn, the gauge is a little tighter than the 5 stitches/inch called for, so the mittens fall somewhere between the two sizes. For the next pair, I'll use up some of the tapestry wool I was gifted. I plan to use it doubled, so the mittnz will be thick-n-warm.

2. Today I harvested the first tomato from my garden:

It was very tasty. I'm pleased to report the tomato plants that were munched on by deer have pretty much recovered. Now I have to worry about birds pecking the tomatoes; last year, the birds ate more tomatoes than I did!

3. My sample order arrived from Knit Picks this week; I spent some time petting the soft wool, then put each skein next to several items in my wardrobe, deciding which I'll get the most chance to wear. And the winner is....Charcoal Heather! (That's the one on the right.) I placed the order today. I'm really looking forward to using this yarn; it somehow feels both soft and crisp in the skein. Does that make sense?

Before I could place the order, tho', I had convince someone to vacate my desk chair:

Hilfy sez, "Whaddaya mean, your chair?"

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