Thursday, June 21, 2007


In the IT world, when a manufacturer starts talking about software that doesn't exist yet, it's referred to as vaporware. I'm beginning to feel like KnitPicks' CotLin yarn is vaporyarn; they've pushed back the availability date again. I'm dying to get my hands on some; first they said it would be available the end of May. Then mid-June. Then June 25. Now, they say July 11. *sigh* It wouldn't be so bad, but I was planning to order 1 ball each of the Telemark colors I am considering for my sweater, since the new heathers aren't on the color card I ordered last month. I figured I'd wait for the CotLin to be available, then order a couple of balls of that and a couple of balls of the Telemark, decide what color to order for my sweater, then knit up some CotLin washcloths while I waited for the yarn to begin my sweater. Arrrrgggghhhhh. And I really need to get the yarn for my sweater, because I finished two more projects:

My Work Socks are finally done! I finished them up last Saturday (at work, appropriately), and finally got around to giving them a bath last night. They are all dried and ready for me to sport them at work. I'm sure I'll be pulling my pants legs up all day to show them off. Trekking XXL, color #92. I was aiming for 30 stitches to 4", so I cast on 56 stitches, then increased to 60 after the cuff. I actually got 32 stitches/4", so if I were to do it again, I'd go with 64 stitches from the get-go.

Mittnz #3 - hand-dyed Lopi-Lite, Elizabeth Durand's excellent pattern (the small size). They weigh in at 34g, so that should be about 70-75 yards. I have some of this yarn left, and some from my Lopi vest; I'll have to see if I have enough for another pair. I do like using Lopi; easy to knit with, very warm, and it blooms nicely when washed.

While it's all very nice to be able to report some more FO's, I'm feeling a little panicky that I have so little on the needles right now. I mean, what if I run out of things to knit? I'm working on my Crazy Colors Mittnz #4:

But they go so fast that I obviously can't count on them for long. I've been swatching Panda Wool for my next pair of socks,

and I'm loving the yarn--so smooth and silky! But I'm having a little trouble deciding whether to go plain or fancy. I'm toying with the idea of making another pair of Girl's Best Friend socks; or maybe a totally different lace pattern. Much perusing of stitch pattern books and knitting magazines and knitting sites ensues. Then I start thinking about the advantages of good ol' plain socks. You know how it goes.

So you see, I really, really need to get my sweater yarn ordered, so I have the comfort of knowing the sweater is there to keep me entertained while I ponder lace patterns for socks, and to wait patiently while I whip out another pair of mittnz. I crave the security of a long-term project, as well as the thrill of knitting quickies.

I've talked myself into it. I can't wait for the CotLin any more; I'm going to order up a couple of skeins of Telemark so I can make a decision and get started on my sweater. My peace of mind is worth the extra shipping costs.

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At 6:56 PM, Blogger Sheila said...

I'm so with you on this frustration over the Cotlin. I was rather upset today when I saw that we are now in July and I expect it might be pushed back after that. Hey! Summer will be darn near gone by the time the yarn becomes available? They may as well hold onto it and introduce it again next year, when they might really have it and have enough.


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