Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Back to normal

For about a week, I had a grand total of 1 (one) project OTN: my GBF socks. That's right, I was monogamous for 7 whole days. But things are back to normal now; in addition to the socks, I cast on for Mittnz #5, as well as the Manly Washcloth requested by the b/f.

Mittnz #5 are made with double-stranded tapestry wool for the cuff, and 1 strand each tapestry wool & mohair for the rest. Elizabeth's wonderful pattern again. I'm using size 6 dpns because that is the largest size I have, but I really should be using a size or two larger. These mittens are knit tight, which is great for warmth, but not so good for my wrists. I've never used mohair before; I like the way the mittens are somewhat fuzzy on the outside, but very fuzzy inside! When I was a kid, these fuzzy mittens would have made me swoon; I loved anything fuzzy. If I could remember how old I was before I gave up my flannel blankie, I'm sure I wouldn't confess to it.

The Manly Washcloth is a simple man-sized garter-stitch square--about 9". I would have started on it weeks ago, but I couldn't find the &^%$#@! skein of Sugar N Cream I knew for a fact that I purchased. Looked though every stash box twice, and the most likely boxes were searched thrice. Found it Saturday where it didn't belong: in a box of items destined for my eBay store.

What's that you say? Where is the Weekend Sweater? Surely I've started swatching, at least! Well, I'm trying to remember where the size 3 circs are that I'm pretty sure I bought some time back, but have never used. Recommended needle size for the Telemark yarn is size 3 or 4, so if I can find the size 3 needles, it's a pretty good bet they'll work. *sigh* I'm going to have to go search through some boxes again. I seriously need to organize my knitting stuff. Later--now I'm going to knit.

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