Saturday, July 21, 2007

Mittnz #5=FO

Mittnz #5 are complete!


Double-stranded tapestry wool for the cuff, 1 strand tapestry wool + 1 strand mohair for the rest
US Sz 6 DPNs; 4.5 st/inch
Elizabeth's fabulous pattern, smaller size (except I made the cuff 2.5 inches long, since my gauge would result in a larger mitten)

This is my first time working with mohair, and I love how fuzzy these mittnz are inside! However, if I make another pair with this same yarn combo (and I have lots more), I must go up at least one needle size. I was knitting so tightly with the size 6 needles that I frequently had to take breaks to prevent sore wrists.

I also finished GBF sock #1. This yarn feels just as delicious on the feet as I expected! I hope it wears well, because boy-o-boy, I'm in love. Must cast on today for sock #2.

Mittnz #6 are in progress, this time with Lamb's Pride worsted. Again with the size 6 DPNs; again, a size larger would be easier to work with. I would be further along with them, but when I sat down today to work on them, I suddenly had this on my lap:

I love you too, Hilfy.

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At 6:52 PM, Blogger Ariel said...

Looooooove those socks!!!!!!!!

Cya on Knitty!


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