Wednesday, August 22, 2007

WIP Wednesday

For no other reason than the fact that I like the alliteration, I've decided today will be WIP Wednesday. I shall forthwith show off/confess to my active works in progress (no way am I digging anything out of the closet; this is just stuff I'm currently working on and expect to actually finish in the reasonably near future).

1. I Love Gansey sock. Still lovin' this pattern. I'm starting to move a little more quickly, getting a feel for the pattern so I don't have to check the instructions several times on each row. It's about 4.5 inches long now; another 10-12 rounds and I'll think about starting the heel.

2. Mindless knitting socks; Wildfoote in Bluegrass colorway. I started these a while back so I had something to grab when other projects were at a "pay attention" spot, and I needed something for TV knitting and the like. Not sure exactly when I started them, but I'm really rather surprised how far I have gotten with knitting a few rows now and then. I figure that someday they'll actually be done, and I'll feel like I magically conjured up a pair of handknit socks without any concious effort.

3. Weekend sweater. I actually forgot about this for a few days when I got obsessed with the ILG socks. (So unusual, for a knitter to be obsessed!) Just started the 3rd skein; it's about 7 inches long. I'm able to work on it for longer periods of time now without my arm hurting; don't know if I found a better position or the muscles in question are getting stronger (hope I don't end up with a weirdly muscular right forearm).

4. Mittnz #7. Inching along, bit by bit.

There you have it! I'm off work today, and I had planned to enjoy some knitting. However, as the day drew closer, more and more chores and errands popped up, and it always seemed like today would be just the perfect day to take care of them. Now it looks like I'll be running around all day and won't get to knit until after dinner. *sigh* I'd probably have more knitting time if I went in to work. Note to self: be sure to buy a lottery ticket today (imagine the stash I'd have then!)

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