Saturday, August 18, 2007

I *heart* Gansey

I'm still loving the I Love Gansey sock:

I'm using Size 2 (2.75mm) needles and getting 7.5 stitches/inch in stockinette stitch. Even though the sock is worked on 64 stitches, I was afraid that the recommended gauge of 8 st/inch would result in a sock a little too small for me, since the cables would cause it to draw in and be a little less elastic. This looks like it will be just the right size.

I made a slight alteration to the pattern; since I'm not much for hearts, I'm doing diamonds instead. Diamonds seem to crop up in my knitting a lot--in the Girl's Best Friend socks, in the foot pillow I made for the b/f, and now here. I'm beginning to wonder if it's Freudian. I have been wanting some diamond earrings for quite a number of years. If I ever find a new job, perhaps I'll celebrate by treating myself to a pair. Then maybe I can move on to some other pattern.

I haven't found my cable needle(s), but I found a substitute in the kitchen cabinet; a wooden toothpick. At first it was a bit rough and tended to catch on the yarn, but after a little use it has smoothed out and is working quite well. I'm betting that once it has been polished by use to a satiny smoothness, the cable needle(s) I shelled out good money for will turn up.

BTW, tinking a cable pattern isn't easy! I made a mistake at one point; thought it would be easy to fix since I noticed it quickly. Ha! Getting the stitches back in the proper order was no picnic; I finally just ripped out two rows and did them over.

Yitzhak's reviewing my work. Did I get it straightened out OK, Yitzie?

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