Sunday, August 12, 2007

9 down, 3 to go

I have just 3 more pattern repeats to go, then I start the toe. I hope to get at least two of those diamonds knocked out today. If work stays as quiet as it has been so far, shouldn't be a problem.

I am well fortified for a quiet Sunday @ work. I have my knitting, natch, and the book you see above (a Miss Silver mystery), as well as To Live and Let Die from I purchased the first James Bond novel (Casino Royale) on CD, and enjoyed it immensely. I decided to try downloading 007's second adventure to evaluate the Audible service. I do like the ability to "bookmark" my place when listening, but the sound quality isn't what I hoped for. I chose the format with the best sound quality, but there are occasional pops and snaps. I didn't have anything like that on the CD. Haven't decided yet if it bothers me enough that I'll dump

Apart from the quality of the recording, I'm finding these early James Bond novels so much fun! Originally published in the 50's, they are an interesting look into the attitudes of that era. When I read books or watch movies from the 60's and earlier, I often enjoy the sociological aspect as much or more than the plot. I love observing the fashions, manners, slang, racial stereotypes, gender roles--it's all so fascinating! It brings a place and time alive for me in a way that reading history never could, while helping me to understand and put into perspective historical events. So I get my horizons broadened through vintage escapism. It doesn't get any better than this.

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