Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Mittnz 7 Done!

Finished Mittnz #7, gave them a nice bath, and once they were dry, tucked them into the box where I am accumulating goodies for the Cheyenne River Indian Reservation. I'm glad that now I know how to knit mittens, but I'm also glad to move to something else for a while! I think someone issued a hat challenge for the Rez; I seem to remember that somewhere I have a skein of Noro something or other that should make a nice hat. If I can find it in time, I'll take it along with me on our trip--leaving in just 2.5 days!

My list of knitting to pack is getting to be nearly as long as my list of clothing to pack. I seem to be experiencing some sort of separation anxiety at the thought of leaving anything behind. What if I have a minute or two of idle hands? Horrors! No, no, no...must have lots-n-lots of knitting so I always have something suitable to reach for. I wonder if the b/f would mind hitching a small U-Haul trailer to the back of the Trans Am?


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