Thursday, October 18, 2007

Too close for comfort

So, before starting these socks, I weighed my ball of yarn - 68g. Just before starting the heel (which would be 1/4 done for the pair), I weighed the ball of yarn again - 51g. I had used 17g, precisely one-fourth of the total. Since neither my scale nor my knitting is extremely precise, I've decided to do the ribbing in a contrast color. I have a boatload of donated tapestry yarn that, doubled, should be about the same thickness as this yarn. Should add a nice touch of color, too. Whew--this weighing and planning sure beats worrying.

These socks will eventually go to Afghans for Afghans; I plan to hold on to them until they call for socks again. BTW, I checked the delivery confirmation number on the socks I sent to them last week; they arrived on Monday, in time to be included in the big delivery to Kabul and Bamiyan. Hooray! I'm anxiously awaiting their report on this campaign; I hope they managed to collect what they needed.

I'm almost done with the turn-up brim portion of my 11th-hour hat. I'm deriving a ridiculous amount of enjoyment from using my very own handspun yarn, unevenness and all. Makes me want to spin more! I wish, though, that I could get a little "in person" spinning instruction, or even an opportunity to watch someone more skillful using a spindle. I suspect that I am terribly awkward and inefficient, and could probably benefit greatly from just a little instruction. Just not sure how to find a skilled spindler in my area! Maybe someday I'll get a chance to attend a festival and score a class--or maybe just spy on some likely-looking spinners.

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