Thursday, November 22, 2007


I'm as stuffed as our turkey was.

The b/f & I had his father over for Thanksgiving. We had a very nice feast for the three of us--the cutest little turkey I ever saw, and all the trimmings that we like. The b/f's father made the pumpkin pie; he has a wonderful light touch with pie crust. I ate too much, but wish I could have eaten more, it was so delicious! I console myself with thoughts of leftovers waiting to be enjoyed tomorrow.

Then I called my brother and talked with him and my nephew, who is home from Army training. He joined up a few months ago, finished basic and is now going through specialized training. He is doing very well, and I am so relieved. I was worried when he decided to enlist, not because I didn't think he could do it, but because the military life doesn't agree with everyone. But it seems to agree with him, and I'm so proud!

My father was injured in a fall recently (that sort of thing happens when you are 88 years old), and has been in a nursing home recovering for a couple of weeks. But mom was able to "spring him" for the day, so they could join my brother's family for Thanksgiving. Dad is doing well, and should be able to leave the nursing home soon.

So, I have much to be thankful for. Hope everyone's Thanksgiving was as fine as mine!


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