Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Beautiful Day

It's a beautiful day; sunny and clear, albeit chilly. Wouldja look at that sky? Even better, I have today off. I've been knitting and reading and petting cats, but pretty soon I have to change out of my comfy clothes into something I can be seen in public in and go run some errands. I'm going to go for a bit of a walk first, though, to enjoy the sunshine.

Speaking of knitting, it's Wednesday; let's look at some WIPs, shall we?

I'm almost done with the toe-up socks; ready to switch yarns and start the ribbing on Sock #2. I'm very glad I weighed the yarn along the way; look at that little scrap of yarn I have left. I didn't get the little holes at the corners of the heels this time; either because I took care not to wrap the heel stitches too tightly, or because I better understood what I was doing this time. This will definitely be my short-row heel of choice. I plan to use it in the next pair of socks I make for myself so I can wear-test it.

Wildfoote Sock #1 is ready to have the toe kitchenered. What a surprise to be half-done on a pair of socks I hardly remember working on!

Haven't touched ILG Sock #2 since I discovered my error in the cable. Looking closely at it today, it took me a while to find the mistake; it's just a case of a cable crossing over when it should be under (or vice versa; now I don't remember). Now I'm trying to talk myself into letting it go, but I doubt I'll be successful.

The Weekend Sweater continues to grow. It's 11.5 inches long; soon I'll have to start the sleeves!

The 11th-hour hat looks exactly the same as it did last week. I just have a couple more rows to go before I seam up the brim and pick up stitches for the crown. Haven't touched it since I'll need my size 6 DPNs for the crown, and my only pair is in those toe-up socks.

Now for my efforts to sabotage my efforts to tidy up the knitting corner by reducing my WIPs:

First, I started a Sushi Wallet to keep my mp3 player in, so it won't get tangled up in the bottom of my knitting bag. I was paying more attention to the striping sequence than to the instructions, and failed to increase where directed. That's why you see so much unraveled yarn.

Then I saw this and thought it was an excellent way to use up those bits of yarn that I couldn't bear to throw out, but what can you do with just a few yards? So I started this:

So far I have gathered up this much:

I expect this to be a seriously long-term project. But what fun when I need some television knitting!

So, I finished one WIP and started two more. Knitting corner has not improved a bit, but it's a sunny day and I don't care! Now I'm off to soak up some sunshine to keep me going as the days get shorter and shorter.

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