Wednesday, November 21, 2007

So close

So, I finished up the hat:

There isn't enough for another hat like I hoped (only about 60 yards left), so I'm trying to think of something to make with 60 yards of worsted.

I got within 3 rounds of finishing the sock before I ran out of yarn:

This isn't a crisis or anything, because I have another skein, but doesn't it just seem silly to run out of yarn with just 3 rounds to go? Like, if the yarn really wanted to, it could be long enough to complete the sock. If it just had a little ambition. *sigh*

I've been amusing myself dyeing up little bitty skeins in bright colors for the blanket.

Way back when, I was gifted with a huge pile of tapestry wool by a generous knitter. Some of the skeins are white or cream-colored, so I've been dyeing them up into little hanks of gaudiness.

Dyeing yarn is so much fun! You mix up some dye, then you add your yarn, and you wait. Eventually, you find out if the colors turned out anything like what you had in mind. Sometimes, I don't really have a goal in mind, I just try out ideas to see what they look like. I am often surprised; usually pleasantly. Yarn can give joy in so many ways, can't it?


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