Saturday, November 17, 2007

Growing on me

When I first started this hat, I didn't like how the yarn looked with my favorite hat pattern. However, after working a bit more, it started to grow on me. Now, I'm about 1.5 sections from completion, and most of the time I like it. I may have enough yarn left when I'm done for a second hat; if so, I plan to make a simple roll-brim hat so I can see how it looks when worked in a more conventional direction.

Now, this I've liked since I started it:

The plan is to eventually put together a 9-patch blanket like this one. I love the riot of color, and the fact that I've found a use for all those leftover bits of yarn, as well as some of the tapestry yarn I was gifted with some time back. Whenever I need some cheering up, I spread this out and pet it a little bit.

Tomorrow, I have to work. Since I have about five minutes' worth of work to do and an 8-hour day to fill, guess how I'll be spending my time? Got it in one--knitting! If I have to give up my Sunday, at least I'll have some FOs to show for it.

Hilfy, queen of the quizzical expression



At 9:39 AM, Blogger Mariella said...

Isn't amazing what emerges from mixing up little odd bits of yarn?
Yours is so beautiful and inviting - I want to snuggle up in it!
Great job Carol!


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