Saturday, December 29, 2007

Still recovering

We had a very nice visit with my family, and returned to St. Louis in time to take the b/f's father out for dinner on his birthday eve. His b-day is Dec. 25, and there never seem to be any restaurants open that day! On his birthday morn, we returned to his house bearing gifts, mostly edibles since he has decided at his age there doesn't seem much sense on spending money on durable goods. However, he got a new microwave, whether he wanted it or not. The old one was 25 years old, and the display was no longer legible. I must admit it was fun lugging in that big box, when he had been saying not to buy him anything.

After the whirl of traveling, wrapping and baking, I've been glad to relax a little bit the last few days! Still haven't picked up the Weekend Sweater yet. Part of the reason is that I want to re-measure all my sweaters to see if I need to add a bit more length to the body. Since this is an EZ pattern, such decisions are totally up to me, and since I don't have any sweaters that fit me exactly as I want this one to, there is a bit of guess-work involved. The rest of the reason I've been avoiding my sweater is because my brain still feels fried after all the planning and plotting to get everything accomplished in time. Whew!

Instead of sweater knitting, I've been enjoying mindless knitting on my Wildfoote sock #2; I'm about halfway through the foot:

I also started a pair of socks for CIC, based on the Little Sky booties from New Pathways for Sock Knitters. I sized them up to 32 stitches around, instead of 24. Not too sure how they are going to turn out; they seem rather big through the instep. I may end up frogging these:

But it has been nice to take it easy and not think too much. My brain is tired.

Yes, Yitzhak, you can relax now. We're home.

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