Monday, February 13, 2006

2 rounds = 1 mile

Yesterday I discovered I can knit two rounds on my Olympic Tank in the time it takes to walk one mile on the treadmill. Just one more way to sneak in some knitting time.

In case I failed to mention it, I am knitting a tank top. Yarn is Plymouth Sausalito, a cotton blend. I love the combination of colors. Here's a closeup:

I haven't decided whether to make this a V-neck or square neck tank. As soon as I come to a decision, I start thinking of changing my mind.

BTW, my Mardi Gras scarf was about two-thirds done when the Olympics started. Since I am making good progress on the tank, I have given myself permission to work one pattern repeat on the scarf each day. That way, I should have it done in time for Fat Tuesday. Then, I have to get cracking on the next CIC challenge!


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