Friday, February 17, 2006

Back to normal

Yesterday morning was warm and sunny. Then the clouds gradually started rolling in, and the breeze picked up, and it got a little cooler. Clouds got darker and darker. Then, at 3:00, the skies opened up and we were pelted with hail. Big chunks of ice falling from the sky and attacking my poor car. Then the hail stopped, and the rain poured down, and the temperature dropped precipitously. Today it's cold and windy, like you'd expect in February. Welcome to Missouri.

Enough with the weather report. Here's the status of my WIPs:

Olympic tank measures a little over 8". When it gets to 10", I need to start the armholes, and it'll be decision time for the neckline: square or V? Today I'm leaning towards V. Tomorrow I'll probably swing back to square. It'll probably end up being decided by what mood I'm in when I get to that part of the tank.

Mardi Gras scarf measures 41". I'm aiming for four feet, before fringe.

I may go visit my parents this weekend, which means a lot of knitting time in the car (b/f does the driving--isn't that wonderful?). Neckline decision time looms near.


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