Thursday, April 27, 2006

Harlot rules!

The Yarn Harlot paid a visit to St. Louis! Can you see her, over the sea of heads? Actually, I had a pretty good seat; I arrived before they ran out of the first set of chairs they put out. People kept coming, and they put out more chairs. They put out all the chairs they could fit in the part of the library allocated for us. People kept coming. The library lady kept saying, "I had no idea, I had no idea." Obviously, not a knitter; we could have told her!

Hearing the Harlot talk was, of course, lots of fun. No surprise there. But it was also a lot of fun for me to just be with all those knitters. Looking at what everyone was knitting, asking about the yarn, showing off my project. This was a new experience for me. I'm thinking it's time I joined the local Knitter's Guild (that's who arranged for the Harlot's visit). Enjoying, IRL, the camaraderie I have heretofore only experienced online; it's a heady idea.

I can't show what I was working on at the Harlot's appearance yet, but I can show off my latest CIC vest. Knit of Bartletyarns 2-ply, made up as I went along. I tossed in the contrast stripe because I was afraid I wasn't going to have enough of the darker yarn. Looking at my leftovers, maybe I would have had enough. But maybe not. I'm working on another one, with a few changes, which I hope will come in under the one-skein mark. I'll share the pattern when I get it to where I like it.

And again, I say: Harlot rules!


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added you to my list o st louis bloggers :)


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