Sunday, February 19, 2006

Ready for Mardi Gras!

I finished the scarf today. I love it! I've been walking around the house with the scarf wrapped about my neck. Decided to make the fringe a little longer: 5" rather than 4", and I didn't use as many as I expected. Revised pattern will be up on the free patterns page shortly.

You know, this is the first scarf I ever made. I know that beginning knitters generally start with scarves, but I didn't. I guess, living in So. Cal. at the time, a scarf wasn't a compelling project. I have a little stuffed garter stitch dog; I think that was the first thing I made (other than practice swatches).

This scarf was fun, and didn't take long at all. I've already started another, this one with sock yarn (different pattern). It's a mindless break from the Olympic tank.

Speaking of the Olympic tank, I am now at decision time. It's time to start shaping the armholes, which means I have to start the V soon if I'm going to do a V neck. I don't feel like doing math tonight, so I'll probably do my cipherin' tomorrow on bind offs, etc. Yes, I know, I could have done this part before the cast on date, but that would be far too sensible. And anyone who knows my b/f knows I don't have much sense. :)


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