Sunday, May 14, 2006

But baby, it's cold outside

Not to mention windy and rainy. Not much of a spring; seems like we skipped over summer altogether and went right to fall. I even lost a couple of tomato plants to a late frost. "Slight chance of frost in outlying areas," they said. Hah!

The best that can be said is this is good knitting weather. Here's my latest CIC vest:

I used just one skein of Bartlettyarns 2-ply; that little bitty hank on the right is what I had left over. The yarn was white, but after a little dip in the dye kettle, it is now a lovely blue. I didn't really enjoy knitting the neck and armhole ribbing, so I haven't written up this pattern, since I really don't want to do it again. The next one I plan to use a seed stitch edging so I don't have mess with picking up stitches around the neck and those little bitty armholes. BTW, even tho' that neck looks awful small, it passed the test of going over my head.

Now, I'm trying to choose what color to knit the next vest. That skein of deep red is looking very tempting to cheer up a cold, grey spring.


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