Thursday, February 23, 2006

Crunch time

OK, I've been neglecting my Olympic tank lately, even though we are nearing the deadline. Just didn't want to sit down and figure out number of stitches to bind off for armholes, etc. But I finally bit the bullet and did just enough math so I could pick up the needles again. I'm working on the back, so I have a little more time before I have to make the momentous neckline decision. I'm experiencing that excitement one feels when nearing the completion of a project. I'm two-thirds done, and the rows keep getting shorter.

Didn't visit the parents last weekend, but we are definitely going this weekend. While lots of drivetime knitting is good, I will probably have to do more cipherin' while out of town. Hope I don't need a reference that I didn't think to pack. Would it be unreasonable to take my entire knitting library with me on a weekend trip?


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