Saturday, July 30, 2005

Hat & Slipper

I finished my Troop Hat:

It doesn't actually have sharp corners; that's just where it folded on the scanner.

This is for the Troop Hat contribution by the Knitting Made Easy 4 U group on Yahoo. I just joined the group, so I only had time to make 1 before the shipping deadline. It's made of Wool Ease, from a pattern provided by a Troop Mom. Sure did go fast & easy!

Also finished one Cable Cuff Slipper:

It is made from Hemp/Wool yarn, dyed with Black Cherry Koolaid. I love the way it looks, but the cuff is a little loose. There is only 1 purl stitch between the cables, so I think I am going to redo it with 2 purl stitches between. Then I think I'll work on some socks with the same cable pattern.

I also want to try making the Children in Common socks. Good way to use up some of the stash, little bitty socks will go fast, and the pattern uses a short-row heel that I would like to try. Oh, yeah, and some orphans will have warm feet, too.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Silly rabbit

So, a couple of nights ago, the b/f & I were watching an episode of SG-1. (BTW, I think I'm falling in love with O'Neill). Mid-episode, I finished whatever I was knitting, and started casting on for the next project, whereupon the b/f asked his silly question:

"Don't you ever stop?"

Now, let's see. Current projects actually on needles include:

  • Short summer Sockotta socks - making up as I go along - will post pattern if I like them
  • Hemp/wool slippers with cable cuffs
  • Prayer shawl for my sister-in-law (ssssh! It's a surprise)
  • Some really wild slippers made with hand-dyed yarn that turned out to be self-patterning

I also have a sock idea in mind, and the yarn is currently getting dyed in the Crock-Pot, so that could technically be considered a Work In Progress as well. Oh, and another slipper idea that I can see clear as day in my mind, and the yarn has been dyed, but nothing cast on yet. (I seem to be knitting a lot of slippers, considering that we are in the midst of a drought/heat wave.)

So, that makes 6 WIPs. And I just bought some Wool Ease to make a hat for our troops (well, one member of our troops--they can't all wear it). And we haven't even counted the ideas for which I haven't found the yarn yet. Or the yarn for which I haven't found the right pattern yet.

Now, really, I ask you; how could any sensible person expect me to stop?

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Happy happy, joy joy

This is a sad bottle of Diet Coke.

It's sad because it is trying to squeeze into a bottle wrap that wasn't designed to accomodate its curves. Not only does it feel awkward, it is unable to retain its cool the way it should.

This is a happy bottle of Diet Coke.

It is sporting a bottle sock lovingly knit of hand-dyed wool. Said sock is not at war with the bottle's curvy nature; the sock embraces curves! Bottle is now both comfortable and cool.

I'll drink to that.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Kinda Creepy

I bought a mannequin leg so I could take better pics of my sock designs. But it's kind of creeping me out. When I go into the basement, I see this disembodied leg, which freaks me out just a little.

I suppose I could get up off my behind and take my pics, then put the creepy thing away. Yeah, right. Just ask my mom how likely that is to happen.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Previously on Carol's Lunatic Cafe

July 16, 2005 4:37 PM
I love this yarn

OK, the more I work with this yarn, the happier I am with this recent dyeing success. This is the tie dyed yarn shown earlier, wound into a ball:

And here are the beginnings of the bottle sock I am making up as I go along designing.

I promise to post pics & pattern when it is complete.

July 12, 2005 2:46 PM
Slippers are done, man

Finished the slippers this weekend. They are just as cushiony and cozy as I hoped.

I also experimented with Koolaid dyeing. Had one success, and a couple of failures learning experiences. I'm happy with this tie dye experiment and looking forward to seeing how it looks knitted up.

Speaking of less than successful dye experiments, I started knitting up the yarn from a learning experience from a couple of months ago. It didn't turn out the way I expected, so I set it aside with some disappointment, but it has been growing on me, so I reached for it when I wanted to start another slipper. Well, what do you know!

The red & blue formed spirals round-n-round the cuff, and tiger stripes on the heel. Am looking forward to seeing what it does on the foot. Didn't know I was dyeing self-patterning yarn!

July 9, 2005 11:07 AM
One down

Completed one slipper

Number 2 is cast on & about 1" of ribbing done. I think it's going to take just a little more than one skein of yarn. Each skein is 100g. I weighed the completed slipper on my postal scale; weighs 51g. Figures.

July 8, 2005 8:57 AM

The slippers are proceeding apace.

This is the first time I have used my new Lion Brand dpn's. I must say I like them; flexible, sturdy and smooth. Unfortunately, size 5 is the smallest size they come in, which is what these are. I usually use needles a couple of sizes down from whatever a pattern recommends, so I don't suppose I'll get to use these much.

This is the yarn I'm using:

It is knitting up really thick and cushiony. I keep squeezing the slipper, and stopping to try it on, because I like the feel of the wool so much. I am almost looking forward to cold weather so I can wear them.

No, not really.

July 6, 2005 12:54 PM
Doesn't suck

Isn't this pretty?

This is one of my dye experiments that didn't suck. I have been tie dyeing yarn using Koolaid. This little swatch will become a cat toy, but I am going to try to reproduce the results with enough yarn to make some socks.

July 5, 2005 10:55 PM
Survived the 4th

We had a fabulous 4th of July celebration. The b/f's father is an amateur pyrotechnician, and he created some spectacular fireworks. I was worried about fire since it hasn't rained for weeks, and everything is dry and brown. But it rained (twice), even tho' the weather guessers swore there would be no rain at all. The asparagus ferns in my garden did catch fire (briefly) when a bit of burning debris landed among them, but it went out of its own accord.

Today is the third anniversary of the b/f finding the love of his life: a 2002 Collector Edition Trans Am. I like to refer to her as "the other woman", although an affair wouldn't cost nearly as much as he spends on this car. But she makes him happy, and he did name her after me, so I don't kvetch too much.

Have been knitting cat toys instead of working on my slipper design. I'm on my third one and I think I finally have the size where I want it to be. It's a variation of this pattern from Lion Brand Yarns, knit with wool yarn and felted. The first one was much too large; more of a toy rat than a toy mouse. Cats didn't mind one bit. Sure is a good way to use up yarn from my rejected dye experiments.

Tomorrow is back to work, which takes far too much time from knitting. Must remember to buy a lottery ticket so I don't have to worry about silly things like earning a living.