Friday, August 26, 2005

CIC Socks

I completed 3 pairs of socks for the CIC Challenge (plus a bonus hat).

First pair (the one in the middle) was made using the pattern from Countrywool; I was unhappy with the hole that forms where the heel meets the instep. Big hole with a matching one on the opposite side; I could see clear through the socks.

I did the second pair (on the right) w/o a pattern, pretty much following the Harlot's method for a short-row heel (skipping the ripping out & redoing part). I like these better; there is still a stretched stitch at the heel/instep junction, but it's not so bad.

Heel of 3rd pair (on the left, natch) was based on Pricilla's Dream Socks from Interweave Knits. One side (I think it was the left side) had a stretched stitch at the heel/instep junction. Some people say that the stretched stitch evens out after a couple of wearings/washings.

One thing about Priscilla's Dream heels that bugs me: the stitches don't look the same on both sides. Here's a closeup:

On the left image, notice the vertical elongated stitch? Now, look at the right image; a horizontal elongated stitch. obsessive/compulsive disorder just cannot accept this.

So, my search for a perfect short-row heel continues. Feel free to join me in my madness.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Better - still not good

OK, I knit the second orphan sock. This time I used 5 dpns instead of 4, to reduce strain at the corners when knitting the heel. I also made sure I picked up all the wrapped stitches on the heel, and snugged the yarn up tight at the corners when I resumed knitting in the round. The holes aren't so very huge, but they're still there. Upon close inspection, I realized that this pattern has a heel row that isn't connected to the instep. There is one complete heel row worked without engaging the rest of the stitches of the sock; of course there is a hole! So, I won't be using this pattern any more. I am now officially on a quest--I like the short row heel (no picking up stitches on the heel flap!), but I don't like holey sock heels. I will find a way!

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Holey Orphan Sock, Batman!

Well, I finished the first CIC sock:

There were some major holes where the heel met the instep; I closed them with a couple of darned stitches on each side. I'm going to see if there is anything I can do on the second one to prevent this. I like this way of doing the heel, but big gaping holes are a deal-breaker.

Just found out that the Sockknitter's Forum is having a CIC Sock Challenge--300 pairs by Aug. 31. So, these socks will go towards that goal.

I am also using my serendipitous self-patterning spiral yarn to make a warm hat for CIC. I decided I liked the effect in a hat better than slippers. Little kids should get a kick from the bright colors. Pattern & pics to come.

I am finally dyeing the yarn for the mate to my cable cuff slipper; it is in the Crock-Pot as we speak. Hooray--I'll get to work on that soon!

I am having visions of more yarn that I want to dye. *Sigh* Won't be able to do anything along those lines until the weekend, at least, since I didn't win the lottery last night. Now I have to go do some work that someone is willing to actually pay me for.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Wow, that's fast

Seems like I just cast on for the CIC socks, and it's almost time to turn the heel. Little bitty socks do go fast. I'm using two strands of superwash wool sock yarn to make them thick and warm.

Dishcloth blankie is growing; I figure I'll keep increasing until the yarn is about half gone, then start decreasing. However big it turns out, there'll be a preemie somewhere that it will fit.

Seems like I'm only knitting tiny things, but I haven't had a chance to dye yarn for what I really want to work on, the mate to my cable cuff slipper. Stoopid work; it really is taking too much time away from my obsession creative outlet.

One last pic to share; Niles Christopher (the b/f's father's cat) enjoying a mousie I knit for him (and stuffed w/catnip). I'd say it was well received.

Friday, August 05, 2005

That's better

One slipper done (for the second time). This time the cuff snugs nicely around the ankle.

Now I just need to dye the yarn for the second one.

I'm also working on a dishcloth baby blanket using a skein of Cottontots yarn that I picked up on eBay a while back.

Gosh, this yarn is soft. I keep pausing to pet it. Once the blankie is complete, it will go off to Angels 4 Preemies.

I mainly knit while watching TV. I generally don't watch much TV, but lately I find myself looking for something to watch so I can knit. That gave me another thought. I used to walk 4-5 miles a week as part of my exercise routine. That was easy when I worked downtown and there were lots of places go. But now I work in a residential area and there's no place to walk to, which makes the walk so very boring for me. Which, of course, means I do it less & less. Now, if I got a fanny pack to hold a ball of yarn, maybe I could walk & knit? Then, I might be eager to go for a walk so I could knit; and I might want to walk longer since I could knit longer. Something easy like that blankie that I wouldn't have to look at the whole time. Hey, it's worth a shot. I will, of course, report my results.